12 Steps to Wholesome Nutrition Course

The 12 Steps to Wholesome Nutrition course is a no-nonsense educational approach to food, nutrition and lifestyle. It is not a ‘diet’, but a powerful transition into a cleaner, healthier way of eating for the rest of your life. 

With a strong focus on your genetic uniqueness, we will guide you towards self-empowerment, as opposed to being reliant on a particular product or programme. Participants under our guidance will have access to a full spectrum of nutritious foods without unnecessary restrictions. Your experience will change the way you think about and relate to food and your daily living, and it is entirely unique to you. Undertaking this course will represent a sizeable step forwards towards a state of personal health, fitness and vitality.

Wholesome Nutrition, written by Ian and co-author Rachel Jesson, is the ‘textbook’ for the course - the course will shadow and expand on the chapters of the book.

Per 'step', you will receive:
- A one-hour live presentation, including Q & A
- A recipe with video demonstration and a PDF handout
- A 30-40 min webinar of an expert discussing a relevant theme
- A PDF worksheet that consolidates your learning for that step

Additionally, South African participants will receive a free copy of Wholesome Nutrition. On completion of the course, you will receive a 12 Steps to Wholesome Nutrition certificate from the Nutritional Institute.

This course was originally a live event in Johannesburg, which will be completed on the 26th April 2017. The course will immediately be consolidated into an on-line programme, meaning that you can gain access to it from anywhere in the world.

R999 early bird (course paid for by the 31st May 2017) BUY NOW


by Ian Craig