12 Steps to Wholesome Nutrition Course

The 12 Steps to Wholesome Nutrition course is a no-nonsense educational approach to food, nutrition and lifestyle. It is not a ‘diet’, but a powerful transition into a cleaner, healthier way of eating for the rest of your life.

Centre for Integrative Sports Nutrition

After having been in the educational space of building bridges between conventional sports nutrition and integrative nutrition for over a decade, Ian has set up his own certificate course through the Centre for Integrative Sports Nutrition.

Functional Sports Nutrition Magazine

Ian has been the editor of Functional Sports Nutrition magazine since 2010. Each edition includes four 2,000 word, fully referenced articles on various topics, plus a Focus-On product column and three Q & A pieces with elite athletes, coaches and nutrition experts. 

Wholesome Nutrition book

Few people would dispute the fact that there is a bewildering array of books available on the business of eating, fitness and nutrition, many of them, unfortunately, with (hidden) vested interests in the food industry and singular theories.

Functional Sports Nutrition Conference

The Functional Sports Nutrition IHCAN Conference, in association with the British Association for Applied Nutrition & Nutritional Therapy (BANT), formally known as Sports Nutrition Live (SNL), is an annual 1-day event at the Cavendish Centre in London.