Integrative Sports Nutrition

Integrative (or Functional) Sports Nutrition effectively combines the knowledge of two very different fields of nutrition within a sporting model: the practical, quantitative and food-based Sports Nutrition and the integrative, qualitative and body-systems approach of Nutritional Therapy and Functional Medicine.

Integrative Sports Nutrition recognises the bio-individual/genetic needs of each athlete and the connectivity of all body systems, meaning that to reach peak performance, whole-body health is required.

Over the past decade, Ian has been writing and progressively building courses within this relatively unknown field. Here are current educational courses and resources that he contributes to, leads, or has created:

Centre for Integrative Sports Nutrition

This course was launched in early 2018; it is available as a taught course in London and also as an online option. The role of the course is to train nutrition and exercise professionals in the principles of integrative sports nutrition. Read More 

Functional Sports Nutrition magazine

In 2010, Ian became the editor for the Functional Sports Nutrition magazine, which had been started a few months previously by the CAM editor Simon Martin and Target Publishing. Each edition includes four 2,000 word, fully referenced articles on various topics, plus a Focus-On product column and three Q & A pieces with elite athletes, coaches and nutrition experts. From the website, you can view the latest edition and set up a personal subscription. Read More

Functional Sports Nutrition IHCAN Conference

This annual conference in London, originally called Sports Nutrition Live, was started in 2013. Ian has been the conference leader since its conception and his job is to pull together the industries best speakers. Read More

Centre for Nutrition Education Personalised Sports Nutrition course

In 2007, as a lecturer for the Centre of Nutritional Education in Berkshire, England, Ian put together the Competitive Athlete module as part of the centre's new Master's degree. This later became known as Personalised Sports Nutrition, a 9-day module that still runs today under different module leadership. Read More

by Ian Craig