Nutrition Consultations

Ian is a Nutritional Therapist and Exercise Physiologist and he offers two clinics per week in Morningside, Johannesburg.
He looks after the nutritional needs of individuals with a broad range of health and fitness backgrounds, ranging from elite athletes to individuals with clinical needs. Here are a few common scenarios:

- Sports-minded individuals requiring nutritional guidance before and during endurance events like the 94.7 cycle tour, the Two Oceans ultramarathon or for the more ambitious, the Cape Epic, Comrades or Ironman.

- The stressed working person who needs to lose a bit of weight and improve their cardiovascular health.

- People with health imbalances, such as adrenal fatigue, thyroid dysfunction, a weakened immune system, digestive complaints, sleep disturbance and female hormone problems.

- Indviduals suffering from chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and chronic immune dysfunction - conditions very common in high-achieving recreational and elite athletes.

Consultations are focussed purely on your individual needs and goals and are based on the integrative body systems approaches of Nutritional Therapy and Functional Sports Nutrition.

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How Ian works
Ian works in a very educational style, which is a process that requires a certain amount of time for best outcomes. He achieves his best successes with individuals who commit to seeing him on a number of occasions. Ian will use the time together to extract a comprehensive case history, to get to know you as a person, to share pertinent information with you about your own body and mind, and to coach you towards improved health.

Simple cases
In cases of simple dietary manipulation, when your overall health is generally sound, he asks that you spend at least three sessions* with him - time for history taking, initial dietary guidelines and then a follow-up, with adjustments.

Intermediate cases
If you wish to explore your health to a deeper level, after the initial history taking, Ian may request that you do certain laboratory tests or measurements of other health and/or fitness parameters. He will start with some simple dietary and lifestyle recommendations, which will then be further individualised based on test information. Ian then suggests at least two further follow-ups to really refine your intervention, meaning five or more sessions* in total.

Complex and longer-term cases
If you require longer term support, Ian’s role will be more like that of a coach. For example; if you are an athlete periodising towards certain sporting events, regular interaction with Ian will help you to refine your nutrition, training programme and lifestyle patterns based on your stage of training, taking into account unexpected interruptions such as injury or illness. Alternatively, if for example, you are a chronic fatigue or auto-immune sufferer, or have some sort of other complex health imbalance, Ian will coach you through nutritional, exercise and lifestyle choices, with possible psychological input. In these cases, in addition to the early assessments and interventions, he would want to see you at weekly to monthly intervals, depending on your needs and wants.

Learning style
As a client of Ian’s, in order for you to become more empowered about your own health, he will recommend certain readings to you - these will include articles and worksheets that are relevant to elements of health that you’re working on, plus certain books that will help to expand out certain areas of information that he has shared with you. Additionally, once a sound base of nutrition and lifestyle has been set-up, he often makes use of nutritional supplements to guide the therapeutic process.


by Ian Craig